X-Men Days of Future Past Torrent

X-Men Days of Future Past Torrent

Of all the movies based on comic book heroes, none are as confused as X-Men. Besides the huge amount of characters, the films are based on stories that were told and retold in many different ways in the pages of Marvel. Just as it is full of twists, the Fox franchise is also inconsistent: it generated great movies like “X-Men First Class” and mediocrities like “X-Men Origins - Wolverine”.

This time, “X-Men - Days of Future Past” repeats the direction of Bryan Singer, responsible for the first two films, and finds a way to unite the main characters in two different moments: the last seen in “First Class “and the present / future of the first films. In the plot, the mutants led by Professor Xavier and Magneto (joined by more recent events) are the only way out for the imminent end of the mutants time travel that Kitty Pride is able to do, and that can only be done with Wolverine . Thus, the mutant back to the 1970s in order to change history.

Although fans of the X-Men can find many confusing points with regard to the events of the previous films - and indeed, the long ignores a “post-credits” scene and the first solo Wolverine movie entirely - the fact is that “Days a Past Future “works very well at all what it claims.

Besides getting extremely intense performances of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence (who seems to find the new character who has lived in many films), the film finds time and space to put all the elements necessary. Among them is the tension in the race against time, which is displayed based on the well cuts made between the future and the past, and Brian Singer allows even if the cuts that match perform not only let the fluid narrative as shown by the parallel between the two situations experienced by the same characters. In a moment of projection, Magneto is responsible for leading an attack on humans in the past while defending mutants of an attack of “machines” in the future, both orchestrated similarly, whose cuts are thinking in the way that the character had to go to change their behavior.

X-Men Days of Future Past

Throughout the film, the explanations for the intentions of “villains” as Mystique Jennifer Lawerence, Fassbender Magneto and Dr. Bolivar Trask Peter Dinklage are given organic form and never chewed. While we can see that Mystique is divided, we understand the anger and the difficulty that young Magneto feels human, much as tell you how much hatred should not be fought with more hate. And if Peter Dinklage makes us believe that his scientist thinks he is doing a great good to humanity (besides revealing dialogues typical fascination of scientists in relation to the object of study), you must give value to Professor Xavier James McAvoy, since Scottish actor manages to convey the fear and anxiety brought by his power and the need to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

X-Men Days of Future Past if the action scenes and the design of the Sentinels are not sufficient to excite the film still gives importance to most mutants, including new faces that appear in the franchise, where Mercury lived Evan Peters is the most spirited of all - and the most fun, no doubt. We can not forget the costumes and art direction, exhibiting 70 never overdo tones.

And while many films that bring the concept of time travel inconsistencies and eventually bring certain “poetic license” so that all events have meaning, “Days of Future Past One” exhibits an important metaphor for the events they sound at the end of accounts, absolutely believable. Now when we think about the events of our lives, we know the sequence of events is always very complex: a simple different day could cause our lives to be transformed completely (and this time, I remember “Butterfly Effect” the consequences that comes in the life of simplistic, as if the course of living were defined by unique facts). For this reason, the metaphor comparing life to a river - and that assumes that the “target” (even though the word is not used) takes care of some things even when they are thrown stones which create new ripples in the waters flowing - is perfect to close any trace of disbelief that may be caused.

X-Men Days of Future Past, if this were not enough, “X-Men - Days of Future Past One” still (re) opens new possibilities for the franchise, allowing the public to review important characters previously discarded, and has a post-credits scene that continues the tradition of creating strong expectations for the upcoming feature.

The plot of X-Men in theaters may even be confusing to the public that is not aware of the comic or the details of the plot, but it is extremely fun and has the great advantage of allowing recycle from time to time.

X-Men Days of Future Past Torrent